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Michelle Bedford Dance Studios

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Michelle, A.I.S.T.D. , M.B.T.D.A. , Reg RAD Member, began teaching Adult Jazz Dancing in Portishead in 1989.

In 1995 the children of the adults wanted a class of their own. Numbers grew rapidly.  Michelle also taught for the Bristol School of Dancing (where she trained) from 1986 until February 2014 when the branch was handed over to Michelle. In the Summer of 2014, a super sparkly 25th Anniversary show was staged to celebrate. 

In June 2016 Michelle was contacted by the BBC to be filmed dancing for the TV programme Street Auction – A fabulous day.

MBDS likes to stay in the heart of the community. The dancers enjoy performing in various events ie carnival, flashmobs, displays, shows etc and put on a full company production for charity every 18months/2 years 

MBDS has been involved in the BBC CIN Tapathon for the last 56 years.

The school also has 100% exam pass rate.

In 2022 the school renamed itself from Jazz on Tap Dance Company to Michelle Bedford Dance Studios.

We are a fully ‘inclusive’ school and warmly welcome pupils regardless!  Everyone gets the chance to shine with the same opportunities.

If interested in a trial please email  mbdancestudios@outlook.com or through our facebook page Michelle Bedford Dance Studios.